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Since its debut in 2001, Werever cabinets have set the standard in custom outdoor kitchen cabinets. Werever outdoor cabinets are available in various colors, woodgrain faces, and door types. Our outdoor kitchen cabinets are beautiful high-end cabinetry designed and engineered for outdoor use.

Finding Comfort in Werever Cabinets

Werever specializes in custom outdoor cabinets and takes pleasure in building the strongest, most lasting ones. In fact, the company has swiftly become the top outdoor cabinet provider.

To know the Werever cabinets cost, give us a ring at 843-216-0006. We’ll also give you a free estimate!

Built to Last a Lifetime

Werever outdoor cabinets are composed of solid marine-grade High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which outperforms stainless steel cabinets. HDPE is a high-tech polymer designed for direct exposure to rain, snow, and extreme hot and cold conditions. As a result, there will be no splitting, fading, cracking, or chalking. Werever cabinets are practically great for any weather condition.

Stain Resistant

HDPE is extremely stain resistant. Glues and other adhesives will not stick to the cabinets, which means dirt will have difficulty adhering to the material.

UV Safe

UV inhibitors are integrated into the Werever cabinets, acting as built-in sunscreen. These UV inhibitors prevent the board from fading or turning chalky. Plus, unlike stainless steel cabinets, it will not heat up in the sun!


Werever outdoor kitchens and cabinets are 100% critter-free. Our cabinets don’t contain organic materials, so you don’t have to worry about bugs and termites feasting on them.

Simple to Clean

Werever cabinets can be hose-washed in just under 5 minutes. Plus, they only require a fraction of the upkeep that stainless steel cabinets need.

But in some instances, only use a soft bristle and mild detergent if the Werever outdoor cabinets are extremely dirty. Also, do not use abrasive items to scrape or scrub the cabinets, as they may permanently ruin the surface. Additionally, to avoid water marks, dry the cabinetry with a soft towel or chamois.

Werever Cabinets FAQs:

1. What materials are Werever cabinets made out of?

Werever outdoor cabinets are constructed of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is stronger and denser than PVC. Plus, because HDPE is UV-stabilized, you can forgo painting it, and it’ll still have a great finish.

2. Are Werever outdoor cabinets waterproof?

Absolutely! As Werever cabinets are made of marine-grade HDPE, they are water resistant. Werever outdoor cabinets can be submerged in water or drenched in the rain.

3. What is the warranty?

Werever cabinets have a lifetime warranty. Generally, Werever will replace or repair defective cabinetry in material or craftsmanship under normal domestic use. The items under lifetime warranty are the following: 

  • Werever cabinets carcass
  • Cabinet base
  • Doors
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) drawer slides

The warranty is non-transferable. You can check the whole Werever cabinets warranty policy here.

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