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Palmetto Garages

Palmetto Garages, a family-run business, is committed to offering an outstanding solution for organizing garages. As a garage organization company, our major goal is to show clients the advantages of keeping order in their areas. Offering our customers the best garage organization solutions makes us very happy.

It should go without saying that we always enjoy helping you design the garage of your dreams. We are the ideal team for the project, regardless of whether you want to remodel it or just use a garage organization system to keep it clean.

Giving Your Garage a New Look

For Palmetto Garages, your residences act as havens of safety, retreats, and entertainment centers. We searched through all of the available goods to find the best-made, most useful garage organization solutions.

To ensure that it will withstand the test of time, we individually assess each item. Knowing that these items meet international standards allows you to relax. In our catalog, every item that is depicted is one that we sell, deliver, and install.

Garage Flooring

We provide our clients with a vast range of the best garage flooring. To give your garage floor a fresh look, add amazing colors, patterns, and textures! Your garage’s flooring will go from boring to vibrant and extremely sturdy, producing an area that is perfect for maintaining and storing your automobiles.

Garage Organization System

The Palmetto Garages business provides an outstanding approach for arranging garages. The following are some of the garage organizers we offer:

Specialty Storage Racks

On our sturdy speciality storage racks, bulky items like tires, golf bags, and firewood fit comfortably. We also supply wall-mounted and free-standing open-shelf garage organizers for larger items and convenient access.

Garage Cabinets

With the aid of modular storage or custom-fit cabinet solutions, Palmetto Garages can assist you in making better use of your garage. Color, style, and component design are all subject to numerous modifications. Our cabinet solutions are constructed from durable parts and premium components. Your garage looks beautiful from the outside thanks to the sleek appearance of its robust structure.


One of the alternatives we have for garage storage is slatwall. Generally speaking, slatwall panels will allow you to maximize the quantity of storage space in your garage.

Meeting Your Garage Organization Needs

We design garages so they transform into beautiful, useful spaces that the whole family can use and enjoy. We all contributed to it by employing our premium flooring, innovative storage solutions, and staff members’ astute advice.

Make Garage Organization Easy

A beautifully designed garage organizing solution can be created by Palmetto Garages with the help of a committed, skilled team. We can guarantee that we will completely transform your garage to your satisfaction because of our competence.

Please put your trust in us; we’ll maintain your garage organized. Call 843-216-0006 to set up a meeting or come visit our showroom right away.


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