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Palmetto Garages

Dedicated to providing a top-notch option for organizing garages, Palmetto Garages is a family-run business. Our main objective as a garage organization business is to demonstrate the benefits of maintaining order in garages. We take great satisfaction in providing the greatest solutions for garage organization to our clients.

The garage of your dreams can be built with our assistance, of course. Whether you wish to remodel it or simply declutter it using a garage organization system, we are the perfect team for the job.

Giving Your Garage a New Look

Your homes serve as hideaways, safe havens, and funhouses for Palmetto Garages. We combed through every product on the market to identify the best-made, most practical garage organization options.

We personally test all of our products to make sure they will stand the test of time. You may rest easy knowing that these things abide by universal standards. Every item that is pictured in our catalog we sell, deliver, and install.

Garage Flooring

Our customers can choose from a wide selection of the best garage flooring that we have to offer. Amazing colors, patterns, and textures will revitalize your garage floor. The dull flooring in your garage will be replaced with a colorful, very durable space for working on and storing your cars.

Garage Organization System

A fantastic method of organizing garages is offered by Palmetto Garages. Among our selection of garage organizers are the following:

Specialty Storage Racks

Bulky items like tires, golf bags, and firewood fit comfortably on our heavy-duty specialty storage racks. We also provide open-shelf garage organizers that may be wall-mounted or free-standing for bulkier items and easy access.

Garage Cabinets

Palmetto Garages can help you make your garage more practical by using modular storage or custom-fit cabinet options. There is a large variety of color, fashion, and component design choices. Our durable cabinet solutions are constructed from high-quality materials as well. The streamlined style of your garage’s sturdy structure makes it appear nicer from the outside.


Slatwall is one of the options for garage storage that we provide. Slatwall panels might help you maximize the amount of storage space in your garage.

Meeting Your Garage Organization Needs

We clean up garages and turn them into attractive, functional rooms that the entire family can use and enjoy. We can thank our great flooring, storage options, and staff’s experience-based guidance for this.

Make Garage Organization Easy

With the aid of a dedicated professional team, Palmetto Garages can create a magnificently made garage organizing solution. Due to our experience, we can assure you that we’ll entirely change your garage to your delight.

Trust on us to keep your garage organized! Call us at 843-216-0006 or stop by our showroom right away to make an appointment.


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