The first completely weatherproof cabinetry, NatureKast, is resistant to wind, rain, salt, sun, and other elements.

Additionally, NatureKast cabinets provide the appearance and feel of genuine wood. Their high-density resin system, which uses cutting-edge technology, accurately mimics the texture, appearance, and color of cabinets made of real wood.

Craftsmanship at its Finest

Naturekast outdoor cabinets are the best products on the market. The secret behind this is that Naturekast uses 100% expanded PVC sheets and a welding process that makes the cabinets very durable.

Outdoor Kitchens Made From the Finest Wood

To produce an excellent natural grain texture, all NatureKast panels, drawer fronts, planks, and doors are made from molds cast from genuine Cypress wood that is distressed.

Elegant Wood Finish

NatureKast cabinets have a finish that gives them a natural wood appearance. This makes them blend in with your outdoor kitchen perfectly. NatureKast has perfected its wood finish so it won’t chip, crack, warp, or fade easily. Additionally, NatureKast outdoor cabinets can maintain their beauty for years without needing continuous sealing and maintenance.


NatureKast has 100% weatherproof cabinetry. In fact, NatureKast cabinets have been designed to withstand weather conditions without suffering detrimental effects. Additionally, these cabinets have ventilation and keep water out when properly installed.


NatureKast offers custom outdoor cabinets. You can choose your size and layout based on your available outdoor kitchen area. To know the cost of Naturekast cabinets, call us at 843-216-0006, and we’ll give you a free estimate.

NatureKast FAQs:

1. What kind of material does NatureKast use?

Expanded PVC sheets are used to create NatureKast cabinets. It is a polymer frequently used in plumbing. Therefore, NatureKast outdoor cabinets are resistant to moisture and have a bond that is as strong as a weld.

2. What is the Warranty?

NatureKast cabinets have a limited lifetime warranty. Certainly, NatureKast ensures its products are free of flaws and defects that could lead to failure in outdoor environments. You can click here for the full warranty.

3. What is the best way to clean NatureKast cabinets?

Outdoor cabinets made by NatureKast are of the highest quality in terms of how little care they require. To clean your NatureKast cabinets, simply spray them down with a garden hose and dry them with a soft cloth. But remember not to use a pressure washer when doing this.

Also, use light liquid dish soap and lots of water to remove grease stains. We suggest not using abrasive cleaning agents when cleaning your NatureKast outdoor cabinets.


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