For the Love of Grilling

Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens. is nown for offering top-notch grills and other outdoor cooking necessities.

Providing you with a fantastic outdoor experience is our passion. Additionally, we provide the goods and brands required to turn any outdoor barbecue station become a reality.

Choose from our extensive selection of high-end outdoor barbecues to complete any outdoor hideaway!

The Best Outdoor Grills

We contacted renowned, trustworthy businesses since we adore BBQ. Excellent grilling partners are these businesses. In-stock at Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens are the following brands:

Outdoor Kitchen Made Even Better

The best outdoor grills are offered by Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens, one of our outstanding manufacturing partners. However, we don’t offer electric grills for outside use. Natural gas, charcoal, and liquid propane all power our outdoor grills.

An efficient and clean-burning fuel is liquid propane or LP. The flame is easy to control and quite intense. A high-heat sear or a low-heat simmer are both options for how your food can be prepared as a result. Charcoal grills are ideal for dual-zone cooking in the interim since they can produce both direct and indirect heat.

Delivered through a pipe from your home, natural gas is heavier than air. The environment benefits and money is saved. There are a select few gas grills with an infrared grill, such the Blaze Professional LUX. Oftentimes, ceramic searing burners are used in infrared grills. Infrared grills make it simple to brown and caramelize meat surfaces.

Outdoor Grills in All Shapes and Sizes

Numerous sizes and designs of outdoor grills are available. The sizes that our brand partners offer are ideal for an outside BBQ station and range from 26″ to 38″. We also offer grills that are portable, tabletop, built-in, freestanding, and constructed.

A Work of Culinary Perfection

American-made grills are made to last, in contrast to imported grills, which are only effective for two to three years. The quality, upkeep, and accessibility of new elements of the grill are also important factors.

Just Grill It

The sole area of focus for Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens is the sale of outdoor grills and related products. In your garden, we’d want to designate a particular area. Due to our extensive industry experience, we know what it takes to supply your outdoor grill station or kitchen with the most cutting-edge machinery.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. To see our showroom, you’re also welcome. View the regions we serve here.

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