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For the best grills and outdoor cooking necessities, turn to Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens.

Making your outdoor experience extraordinary is our passion. Furthermore, we have the names and goods to make any outdoor barbecue station a reality.

Please select a grill from our extensive selection of high-quality outdoor appliances to complete your outdoor oasis!

The Best Outdoor Grills

Inquiries were made to well-known, dependable companies by barbecue lovers. For grilling, these brands make excellent partners. These brands are available at Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens:

Outdoor Kitchen Made Even Better

From our incredible manufacturing partners, Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens delivers the best outdoor grills. Outside electric grills are not however something we provide. Liquid propane, charcoal, and natural gas are the fuel types for our outdoor barbecues.

Energy-efficient and clean-burning, liquid propane, or LP, is a popular fuel. It has a flame that is simple to manage and has a high heat capacity. You may therefore choose the level of cooking for your meal, from a sear to a simmer, thanks to this feature. Charcoal can create both indirect and direct heat, making charcoal grills ideal for dual-zone cooking.

Natural gas is also a piping-based fuel that comes from your home and is heavier than air. It costs less and respects the environment. An infrared grill is available on several gas barbecues, such as the Blaze Professional LUX. Ceramic searing burners are typical of infrared grills. With infrared grills, you can simply caramelize and brown the surface of meat.

Outdoor Grills in All Shapes and Sizes

All different sizes and forms of outdoor barbecues are available. For a grill station outside, our brand partners’ 26″ to 38″ sizes are ideal. Additionally, we have grills that are portable, tabletop, built-in, and freestanding.

A Work of Culinary Perfection

Unlike imported grills, which only last a couple of years, American-made grills can last a lifetime. In addition, the quality, upkeep, and accessibility of replacement parts for the grill all play a role.

Just Grill It

To the distribution of outdoor grills and accessories, Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens is committed. In your backyard, we aim to assist you in establishing a unique atmosphere. With years of experience in the field, we are aware of what it takes to guarantee that your outdoor grill station or kitchen has the most deluxe equipment.

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