Carolina Pit Master Jack Waiboer has joined the Team


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At Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens we cook everything outdoors.  We also enjoy sharing what our grills can do.  It’s very simple to produce consistently great grilled food over and over again.  With the right tools and some basic information, you will be on your way to getting used to the “good” life.   We’re not saying we are in a class by ourselves, but it don’t take long to call the role.  The ingredients are the easy part.   We are going to let you experience the advantage of great equipment, and not all of it is that expensive!

We are proud to have Jack Waiboer on the Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens team.  Jack is a great teacher/entertainer and a fierce competitor on the BBQ Circuits.  He is a true “Live Fire Cooking Expert.”  Jack is a 3 time SC State Campion and has cooked on the barbecue and grilling’s biggest stages.
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