8/20 Patio Pit Master – Tailgate Too – Bacon!!

8/20 Patio Pit Master – Tailgate Too – Bacon!!



Tailgate too Bacon was a great night.  We used about 5 pounds of bacon and grilled up some very tasty treats for the pre-game grocery fest.  This Blog will be fairly visual.  Jack has done most of these demonstrations before on his GrateTV U-Tube channel so links to those shows will have the recipes already included in them.

First on the list was Pig Candy

Pig candy is easy, you just have to be very aware that you don’t burn it.  Stay with it, it will go from good to burnt in a matter of a minute.

Link to Pig Candy

Next on the list were the Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

These are easy and delicious.  The ingredient list is simple.  A bag of Tater Tots, some regular cut bacon, a little bbq rub and a sweet sauce.  Be careful not to use a really salty bbq rub.  There is usually enough salt in the bacon to do the job.


  • Cook off the tater tots per the instructions on the bag.  Let them cool.
  • Cut a slice of bacon to size, thirds is usually big enough, and wrap it around the tot.  Secure it with a toothpick.
  • Grill over a medium grill until the bacon is cooked thoroughly.
  • During the last 10 minutes or so, paint on a sweet style bbq sauce.  Brand of your choice.
  • Remove and serve.

Hog Balls  are a twist on the old sausage balls that are popular at Holiday Parties.  This recipe uses stuffing mix instead of Bisquick.  The bacon isn’t necessary but it its a tasty treat.  Enjoy!

Link to Hog Balls

Stuffed Peppers/Jalapeños  This is a great video and recipe.  My all time favorite is Pineapple cream cheese and crab or shrimp.  Shrimp was used for the class, but crab meat, crawfish, lobster, or even surimi is a great filler for these delicious treat.  The video is packed full of great dishes and techniques.  Enjoy it!

Link to Stuffed Peppers/Jalapeños